Modulz May update: Snapping, New Position Panel, Backdrop Filter

Colm Tuite

2 min read

For this release, we focused on freeform layout and advanced style properties. And as usual, we've sent out hundreds of invites.


Freeform layout is much more fun with snapping.

Dragging and nudging objects until they snap to each other.

New Position panel

With the new Position panel, you can position objects relative to a parent. Handing for pinning your AppBar to the top of the viewport.

Pinning a header to the top of the viewport in Modulz.

Backdrop filter

Now you can apply filters to anything behind the object. Perfect for frosted glass effects.

Applying a backdrop blur filter to a header in Modulz.

Redesigned spacing panel

We've redesigned the spacing panel to combine margin and padding.

Tweaking padding with the new spacing panel in Modulz.

Wrap in Flex

Select multiple objects, right-click, then click "Wrap in Flex". Now you can control spacing and alignment with the Flex panel.

Wrapping multiple text objects in a Flex container.

Clone layer tree items

Hold Alt+drag to clone items in the layer tree.

Cloning multiple layer tree items simultaneously.

Coming soon

Every 4–8 weeks, we'll release a blog post outlining major updates and new features. Next time, you can look forward to:

  • Custom fonts.
  • Theming and token management.
  • Dark mode.
  • Grid tool.
  • Tons of core experience enhancements.

Want early access? There are 6500+ people on our waitlist, but each month we're releasing hundreds of invites. If you join our waitlist, we'll let you in asap.

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