Modulz has been acquired by WorkOS

Colm Tuite

2 min read

In the four years since Stephen and I started Modulz, we’ve achieved a lot. We’ve hired an exceptional team, built some amazing tech, grown Radix and Stitches into two incredibly successful open-source projects, and built a thriving community around them. I’m proud of our team, and proud of these accomplishments.

Today, I’m announcing that Modulz has been acquired by WorkOS. Our team has joined to help WorkOS customers ship enterprise features effortlessly.

What will happen to Modulz?

It’s been an exciting ride over the past 4 years, but we haven’t managed to find product-market fit for Modulz. So we will sunset Modulz on July 1st. For beta accounts, Modulz will remain live for the remainder of June.

What will happen to Radix?

Radix is coming over to WorkOS with us—along with the Radix team—who will continue working on it. Our Discord Server will remain open too.

Part of WorkOS' mission is to help companies overcome complex, time-consuming challenges which are often tangential to their core product offerings. SSO and Directory Sync are prime examples, but UI components fit that mould too.

Radix now has hundreds of companies using it in production, including Vercel, CodeSandbox, Linear, Supabase, and of course WorkOS. We’re currently preparing for our upcoming v1 release, and with new resources at our disposal, we’ll be able to continue shipping quality UI components.

What will happen to Stitches?

We will continue supporting Stitches v1 for existing and new users. Stitches is largely feature-complete as a runtime CSS-in-JS library and the Stitches docs will remain live.

We don’t have plans to introduce static extraction right now, but Stitches remains a great styling solution for dynamic web apps targeting desktop users primarily.

We want to thank you all for supporting us over the years. So many of you have offered to help with user research, contributed to our open-source projects, chipped in with community support, and cheered us on. I’ll be forever grateful for the support and encouragement along the way.

Lastly, WorkOS is hiring across many roles including design and engineering. WorkOS is on a great trajectory after having just raised an $80M Series B, and we’re excited to help them scale. Join us!

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